Welcome to Franke & Co. – a place where I passionately share ideas for slow and sustainable living, wholesome home cooking, a natural handmade home and our family’s simple coastal country lifestyle in Yeppoon, Queensland.

S.L.O.W living is emphasising a way of life that is Sustainable, Local, Organic and Whole.

Living slowly is great for our health, our finances, our community and our environment, and we’d like to inspire you to slow down and live more.

Becoming a mother has been my greatest joy and challenge. For me, it has been both overwhelming and transforming. I have always enjoyed cooking, craft, home organisation and decorating and through this journey I have come to truly appreciate just how important these things are for a calm, healthful and joyful way of life.

My husband Justin and I aspire to one day own our very own homestead where our family, including our two beautiful children; Elsie and William, can grow and thrive.

We have always craved that homestead life, and have spent many years slowing our home, cooking from scratch, growing our own food, and making our own handicrafts and household products.

Justin is a hunter gatherer, enjoying outdoor adventures, camping, hunting and fishing, while I am a true homebody obsessed with vintage farmhouse style, drinking tea, sewing and making things.

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Hi I’m Emily; the writer and photographer behind Franke & Co. – a business dedicated to documenting and sharing my family’s slow living journey.

I grew up in the leafy Western suburbs of Brisbane, Queensland and spent my childhood, with my younger sister by my side, playing in the garden, raising chickens, camping and fishing. 

My family has roots in farming and rural Queensland so we frequently took daytrips to the countryside to visit family or just tour quaint country towns and picnic at recreation reserves.

The fast pace of the city life never really appealed to me and when I met my husband, a Rockhampton local, it was an easy choice for me to move to away from Brisbane to Yeppoon in regional Queensland, where we now live with our two children.

I have always been curious about how past generations lived, managed their households, cooked, decorated and spent their leisure time. I believe we can learn so much about simple, wholesome living from our grandparents to create a slower, more sustainable home and lifestyle in a busy modern world.

I am also interested in holistic wellness including natural remedies, whole foods, gentle exercise, mindfulness, mediation, essential oils and self care.

My hobbies include sewing, crafting and styling. I enjoy experimenting with new crafts such as candle making, and have Pinterest boards full of new projects to try. I enjoy nothing more than soaking in a a hot bathtub with a glass of wine and my homemade botanical bath salts.

After my kids came along I decided to quit my corporate gig in marketing so I could carve out a career doing something I loved and enjoy a slower pace of life at home with my family.

I am very passionate about helping other mothers find a calmer, more contented and healthy lifestyle for themselves and their families.